Restaurant inspection: Broken cooler results in failed inspection

A Mexican restaurant in south Forsyth County failed a recent routine health inspection because of a broken cooler and employees who were handling food without wearing gloves.

La Cazuela@Johns Creek, 4060 Johns Creek Parkway, Suwanee, scored 60/U, after having previous scores of 78/C and 90/A.

The Forsyth County health inspector noted that one of the coolers was out of order with air temperature measuring 53 degrees. The food inside was discarded and the cooler shut down until it could be repaired.

Points were also taken off because employees were touching ready-to-eat foods with bare hands. They were also washing vegetables at the hand sink because dirty dishes were stacked in the vegetable sink. Some vegetables were not being washed at all prior to cooking, the inspector said.

In other code violations, dishes stored as clean were still dirty with food debris. The dining tables were not sanitized properly, and the sanitizing buckets had no measurable amount of sanitizing solution, the inspector said.

Fish was being improperly thawed at room temperature. Cooked vegetables and soup were not being held at safe temperatures. They were reheated.

Also, employee personal drinks were found in the food prep area, and some employees were wearing bracelets while cooking food.

La Cazuela@Johns Creek will be re-inspected.