Report: Fruit flies in food at DeKalb deli

Credit: Deb Lindsey / Washington Post

Credit: Deb Lindsey / Washington Post

Joinus Deli

115 Perimeter Center Place, Atlanta


A DeKalb deli failed its routine health inspection Thursday after the inspector found fruit flies in the mayonnaise and sour cream, among other violations.

Joinus Deli, located at 115 Perimeter Center Place, failed its inspection with a 63/U. The restaurant had received an 89/B on its previous inspection in July 2015.

The inspector found fruit flies in sour cream and mayonnaise in a cooler in the kitchen. Management discarded the food items. The inspector also saw expired milk in the kitchen, which was also thrown away. The report notes that the expired milk is a repeat violation and has happened in the past.

Other violations included raw meats improperly stored and separated, and hot foods were not kept at high enough temperatures for consumption.

“They already working and making sure everything is covered,” said Danesse Torres, an assistant manager at Joinus Deli. She is referring to food containers, like the mayonnaise and sour cream that had flies.

“Next time, hopefully we’re going to pass it,” she said. “We’re going to be ready.”

A follow-up inspection is scheduled for July 15.

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