Remnants of the Civil War preserved in small park

Q: I was told there is a park in Cobb County that has arrowheads. Can you give me more information?

A: You are referring to Shoupade Park in Smyrna, off Oakdale Road, tucked between two subdivisions. You can drive by and not realize the four parking spaces designated are for a park.

Unfortunately, there are no known arrowheads, but the reference is given to the diamond or arrowhead-shape design of the defensive forts designed by and named after Brigadier General Francis Shoup during the Civil War.

The front entrance is fenced. According to the interpretive sign leading into the park, “Within this park there is a remnant of a unique fortification known as Johnston’s River Line.” Each Shoupade could hold up to 80 men ready to battle.

A small path of dirt and rock leads to where the first Shoupade was built.

There are no remains of this one - only signage. The sign provides an illustration, along with the dimensions of the Shoupade, and the defensive line.

Continuing along the path, the ground levels for a small stretch leading you between a chainlink fence on the left and hedges on the right. Enclosed along this path, on the left, are the remains of a trench covered by overgrown brush and debris.

Leaving the three foot-wide path, you come into an open field. On a recent Saturday morning, a couple of women walked their dogs in the area.

Taking a left around the corner brings you to an artillery redan. This is the first of the two that were built and remaining. According to the sign, “it is an earth structure designed to protect two cannons.”

At the top of the hill, in the middle of the field, is a fenced-in area marking and preserving the remaining Shoupade in the park.

Walk out to the edge of the property and you will see Atlanta’s skyline - downtown, Midtown and Buckhead. Near this Shoupade you’ll also see a fireplace and an old-covered well.

This two-acre pocket park was added to the Register of Historic Places in March 28, 2017.

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