Readers tell us: Why Hapeville is such a great place to live

Responses have been edited for grammar and style.

We recently asked our readers: What makes your neighborhood unique — what are the best and weirdest things people should know?

We'll be publishing highlights from those responses in the coming weeks.

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To start, Hapeville residents were happy to tell why they love their city.

Here is a selection of answers to the question, "What is your favorite thing about your neighborhood or city?"

"Our city works together and takes care of each other. We are small but we are powerful as a group. There are lots of volunteer opportunities  that unite the community even more."

"Hapeville is the right balance of small town charm and access to art!"

"Sometimes it's hard to believe we are next door to Atlanta. We have the best of both worlds — the perks of a 'big city,' pro teams, concerts, conventions, etc., yet we can live in our own little 'utopia' and act like the 'big city' is worlds away if we want."

"We are only one mile from the world's busiest airport and wouldn't even know it."

"The people!  Hapeville is a small town with a huge heart!"

"My favorite thing about Hapeville is the 'small town' atmosphere where neighbors really know each other."

And to the question, "What's one thing that may surprise people about your city or neighborhood?"

"How many people move away when they marry but then find their way back. It is a special place to live."