Protesters challenge regents on immigration

About 30 protesters chanted "don’t hate, educate" outside the state Board of Regents on Wednesday to oppose the regents banning illegal immigrants from some colleges.

The regents barred illegal immigrants from attending any public college that has turned away academically qualified students for the past two years because of space or other issues.

The Rev. Markel Hutchins and three other protesters were arrested when they refused a police order to move from the intersection of Washington and Trinity streets.

The new rule starts next fall and affects the University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, Georgia State University, Medical College of Georgia and Georgia College & State University. Illegal immigrants may be admitted to the remaining 30 campuses.

The regents remained in their meeting and did not speak with the protesters.

The rally is one of several happening around Atlanta and the nation this week as groups draw attention to the DREAM Act, which is before Congress. The controversial bill would provide an easier path to citizenship for illegal immigrants who were brought here as children and make it easier for many of them to attend college.

Staff photographer John Spink contributed to this article.