Pornographic video plays during lunch in Clayton County high school

Clayton County Schools officials said a student accessed broadcast equipment in a school cafeteria Wednesday and played a pornographic video for more than a minute during lunch.

Parent Daphne Raines told Channel 2 Action News her sophomore daughter texted a picture of what was showing on the TV screen in the Mount Zion High School cafeteria — and when Raines got a good look, she was appalled.

“I had to just open it up and look at it real good,” Raines told the news station. “And I'm like, Oh, my God.”

“It was ridiculous,” Raines said. “... This is horrible because somebody had to have control of that situation.”

After Raines went to the school and asked what happened, the school district confirmed to Channel 2 a student was responsible. A spokesman said the student will be disciplined and the incident is under investigation.

Parents and guardians should receive a call and a letter telling them what happened, Channel 2 reported.

“We don't know how that's going to affect her or the other kids at school,” Raines said.

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