Podcast: How to get on a game show

Archith Sheshadri (right) recently moved back to Atlanta after spending the last 2 years working as a news anchor for a global news network in India. Here, he’s competing in the $100,000 Pyramid with Questlove.

Credit: Photo: ABC/Lou Rocco (ABC/Lou Rocco) (ABC/Lou Rocco) (ABC/Lou Rocco)

Credit: Photo: ABC/Lou Rocco (ABC/Lou Rocco) (ABC/Lou Rocco) (ABC/Lou Rocco)

The contestants on game shows are real people, not actors. In this episode of the accessAtlanta podcast, Atlanta-based journalist Archith Seshadri, who has won $60,000, shares how he landed on The $100,000 Pyramid last year and gives tips on what it takes to get selected and win big. Seshadri also shares his conversation with game show producer Liz Harris, who gives you a look at how a game show comes together.

Plus, Shane Harrison shares things to do in and around Atlanta over the next 10 days, including Atlanta Ice Cream Festival and Children of Eden at Aurora Theatre.

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