Pitts names members of Fulton task force to examine rough election

Fulton County officials have promised to get to the bottom of the rough election season that saw long lines and some voters who never got their absentee ballots.

Part of that effort includes a task force formed by Fulton County Commission Chairman Robb Pitts. On Monday, he announced the 19 members who would be analyzing the election.

The task force will dig into six areas: facilities, equipment, personnel, logistics, communications and absentee ballots.

Fulton’s elections department head Richard Barron has said he and the elections board intend to hire a consultant for help, specifically on the backlog of absentee ballot applications that forced people to vote in-person.

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger mailed absentee ballot request forms to the state's roughly 6.9 million voters in hopes of keeping people out of lines on Election Day. But some voters didn't get their ballots after the department got overwhelmed from a staff death, a flood of applications and technical glitches.

So voters took to the lines on Election Day, and waits were even longer because of poll workers, some hired last-minute, unable to operate the brand new voting equipment.

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Pitts has asked the task force to suggest ways to improve the election ahead of the Aug. 11 runoff and Nov. 3 general election.

The members of the task force are:

• Henrietta Antoinin

• Georgia Rep. William Boddie, D-East Point

• Bruce Brown

• Imara Canady

• Georgia Rep. Park Cannon, D-Atlanta

• Harvey Davis III

• Robert DeRodes

• Mike Dvorscak

• Cecilia Houston-Torrence

• A.J. Jain

• Daphne Jordan

• J. Martin Lett

• Ben Myers

• Tammy Pollock

• David Ross

• Katy Sharp

• Brenna Simon

• Catherine Woodling

• Carol Yuric

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