Peachtree City begins FY2021 budget review

Noting “a whole lot of uncertainty” related to budget planning this year, Peachtree City Manager Jon Rorie presented the FY2021 budget plan to the City Council on June 25.

The proposed $38.5 million general fund budget includes $37.1 million of expected revenue plus the use of just over $1 million from the city’s cash reserves. Property taxes would contribute about 41 percent of the revenue, with local option sales taxes adding another 19 percent. Police and fire services constitute 19 percent and 22 percent of general fund expenses, respectively, followed by public works at 11 percent.

Mayor Vanessa Fleisch raised the issue of whether current low interest rates might encourage the city to finance projects such as bridges and tunnels that would improve connectivity to the new Booth Middle School being built off Robinson Road.

Budget discussions are scheduled to continue at the council’s next regular meeting on July 16; the full plan is posted at