Panel weighs decision to fire Clayton teacher

A three-judge panel was asked Tuesday to recommend firing a teacher accused of questioning the sexuality of one of his students and then telling another student he wanted the teen killed.

"We recognize that is a weighty thing to do, and something we do not do lightly," said a school board attorney Winston Denmark.

Randolph Forde, a 33-year-old special education teacher at Clayton's Mundy's Mill High School is facing prosecution for making terroristic threats against the 16-year-old after the teacher and student clashed in September and October.

The teen testified that in their first run-in Forde twice asked him if he was gay.

"I was really offended," the teen testified. "... was really uncomfortable."

School officials said Forde later approached another student and said he would pay him 50 to "put a hit" on the 16-year-old.