‘One Million Moms’ has a new target: Kraft

The organization behind a failed boycott of J.C. Penney, and its openly gay spokeswomen Ellen DeGeneres, is now taking on food giant Kraft.

The group launched an online campaign against the company's new ad they say is selling sex.

The ad features a half-naked Italian man, dubbed "The Zesty Guy", with his genitals barely covered by a picnic blanket.

The group calls it, "the most disgusting ad we have ever seen Kraft produce" and says Christians won't be able to buy Kraft products until they clean up their advertising.

Kraft and J.C. Penney aren't the only ones targeted by OMM.  The group has taken on some big names: Phillips Norelco, The Walt Disney Company, NBC, ABC and Jennifer Lopez.

But even One Million Moms can't keep the ads from coming.  A rep for the company says the response from consumers has been mostly positive.

And yes ladies, you can follow "The Zesty Guy" on Twitter.