Norcross upholds fence ordinance, homeowner will need to comply

Following a public hearing Monday evening, The Norcross City Council voted to uphold the city’s ordinance regarding a fence constructed at 135 Autry St. According to the city ordinance, the corner lot at Autry Steet and W. Peachtree Steet creates a situation where the home possesses two front yards. A six-foot fence erected by the homeowner violates the city’s maximum 4-foot height restriction for fences in a front yard.

The homeowner, Rhonda McCann, was unfamiliar with city code and applied to the Norcross Seven community HOA for approval. Once made aware of the violation, the homeowner requested a variance for the fence height. Despite sympathy for the homeowners’ plight and effort to obtain approval from the HOA, the city council voted to uphold the ordinance and require the homeowner to lower the fence to four feet or remove it entirely to come into compliance.