Norcross approves zoning change for three lots on Webb Drive

The Norcross City Council approved a zoning change Tuesday to allow the development of three lots at 417 Webb Drive. The zoning change from R75, or 75-foot lot width, to R65, or 65-foot lot width was needed to accommodate the 34,360-square foot site. The area of the proposed tracts of land meet the minimum R65 lot size requirement of 7,200 square feet. The lot size of tracts 2 and 3 are very close to the 12,000 square foot requirements of R75 zoning while tract 1 meets the R75 standard. The frontage of lots are approximately 83 feet each which exceeds the minimum R65 and R75 requirements.

The lots will be divided into one at 13,117-square feet, one at 10,647-square feet, and the third at 10,597-square feet.

Approval came with conditions including the additional requirement for flow well stormwater drainage of the lots.