News quiz for Dec. 25

1. Residents of what Georgia town are split on whether the TV series “The Walking Dead” is an economic uplift or just a major inconvenience?

A. Covington

B. Senoia

C. Grantville

D. Savannah

2. Actor John Goodman recently said he’d be saddened to see the Braves leave Turner Field. What two Goodman movies were shot there?

A. “The Big Lebowski” and “King Ralph”

B. “Trouble with the Curve” and “Flight”

C. “Argo” and “The Babe”

D. “Coyote Ugly” and “The Hudsucker Proxy”

3. One of two Mega Millions lottery jackpot winners last week was from what area of Georgia?

A. Buckhead

B. Decatur

C. Lithonia

D. Stone Mountain

4. What new crop is taking root in the state?

A. Sesame

B. Marijuana

C. Tea

D. Olives

5. Michelle Nguyen of Johns Creek designed holiday attire for what locally-based company’s mascot?

A. Chick-fil-A cow

B. Coca-Cola bear

C. Aflac duck

D. Sharpie pen


1. C. Grantville, a town, 50 miles below Atlanta, is trying to parlay its 15 minutes of television fame as a filming location for “The Walking Dead” into the economic redevelopment of a once-prosperous mill town. Some hope the dead can breathe life back into Grantville. Others say it has been an inconvenience to the city to accommodate the movie company, and it’s not having a big impact on business development.

2. B. Turner Field, now marked for demolition, has been a filming location for a number of projects. Actor John Goodman has appeared in two movies that have shot scenes at Turner Field in recent years: “Trouble With the Curve, ” starring Clint Eastwood, Amy Adams and Justin Timberlake; and “Flight, ” starring Denzel Washington.

A few days after the Braves’ stunning announcement that they will move to Cobb County, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution interviewed Goodman about his new movie, a quirky Coen brothers project called “Inside Llewyn Davis, ” that opened Dec. 20. He said he couldn’t believe the city plans to tear down the structure where the Braves have played since 1997.

“I hate to see it,” he said. “I’ve always liked the Ted. I’ve always liked the Braves, unless they’re playing my Cardinals.”

3. D. Ira Curry of Stone Mountain and her husband will be $120 million richer after they collect a lump-sum payment for her winning Mega Millions lottery ticket. The 56-year-old Curry is the largest winner in Georgia history. She will split the second-largest Mega Millions jackpot in U.S. history, totaling roughly $648 million, with winners in San Jose, Calif., lottery officials said. Curry chose the numbers 8, 14, 17, 20 and 39, along with lucky No. 7, officials said.

4. A. Three thousand years ago, farmers in India grew sesame. Two hundred years ago, Thomas Jefferson saw potential in growing sesame in the Southeast. Now, Laurens County farmers are harvesting their first commercial sesame crop. Sesame grows in dry weather, requires a low up-front investment, helps control nematodes that attack other crops — cotton, peanuts and soybeans — builds the soil, does not attract wild hogs and deer and is not genetically modified.

5. C. The Johns Creek High School freshman who had been treated at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for thalassemia, a rare genetic blood disorder, won a contest to design the 2013 Aflac Holiday Duck, which raises money for children with cancer. Her winning entry put the duck on skis with a bright green hoodie and racing goggles pulled down to the top of its beak. The duck is on sale through the end of the year at Macy’s. Proceeds from sales of the plush toy go to the treatment and research of children’s cancer and blood disorders at 50 hospitals nationwide.