3 newborn warthog piglets die

Losing one's offspring is never easy. But a warthog mother at Zoo Atlanta appears to be doing okay, officials said.

Three of the five warthog piglets born to parents Vern and Shirley earlier this week have died. The remaining two piglets seem fine, zoo officials said.

Although the piglets were believed healthy following their births Wednesday, three didn't make it through Thursday night, said Keisha Hines, zoo spokeswoman.

"Infant mortality is not uncommon for newborn warthogs in their fragile first days of life," Hines said.

For Shirley, this was her third time bringing a litter into the world. Vern and Shirley's 11-month old warthogs, Lenny and Squiggy, live separate from their parents, which is typical for piglets their age, Hines said.

While many warthog fathers distant themselves from their offspring, 4-year-old Vern has proven himself to be a dedicated dad, Hines said.

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