New initiatives from the Tzedakah Project

The Tzedakah Project is a new nonprofit from the folks behind Babs Midtown restaurant that is working to diminish the negative impact of the coronavirus pandemic in Atlanta.

“The goal of The Tzedakah Project is to help support those in need so they are able to grow and thrive and ultimately give back to the community,” said Randy D. Adler, the group’s founder.

Through a series of programs, the Tzedakah Project is providing meals, employment and support to the community. Its first project, Babs on Bikes, provided meals for vulnerable communities and to the students who delivered those meals, employing students and medical residents that have had classes and rotations cut short due to the pandemic. Their second large undertaking, the Elephant Initiative, is aimed at supporting independent contractors out of work during the coronavirus pandemic.

“It can be extremely difficult for some people to ask for help, so we hope to contribute in a way that makes it easy and convenient and makes them still feel humanized,” said Adler.

The Tzedakah Project’s latest initiative is called the Tiger Lily Memorial, which will kick off this summer with the goal of creating a seasonal gardening program that provides community members with materials and education to grow their own food and herbs at home. The project was inspired by Adler’s mother, Marcia Adler, who died in May.

“There is a saying about ‘give a man a fish, he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime,’ and we want to take it one step further. Instead of just teaching him, we’d like to educate him on how to teach others so he can pass on the skill,” said Katie Lewis, executive director of the Tzedakah Project.

Who’s helping?

The Tzedakah Project

Services: The Tzedakah Project has created several community projects in the Atlanta area with the goal of providing food and support to people who are negatively affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

How to help: Once social distancing is no longer necessary, some of these projects may require volunteers. Sign up on the Tzedakah Project contact page. Also, spreading the word to others who either are in a position to donate or to those that may need support is very helpful.

How to get help: Community support projects are always listed on the Tzedakah Project website, and if your organization has a specific need, the organizers of the project can always be reached through email.

Where to donate: