‘AK-47 murder suspect’ arrested in DeKalb killing after video surfaces

Credit: Joshua Sharpe

Credit: Joshua Sharpe

UPDATE: A previous version of this story included a different name for the suspect, but the allegations against him were dismissed, police said. Interviews subsequently led to Nesby, authorities said.


The DeKalb County Sheriff's Fugitive Unit on Tuesday arrested a man accused of a brazen afternoon killing outside a Decatur-area hotel, days after security camera footage surfaced.

The suspect was taken into custody on U.S. 78 in the Stone Mountain area. He was sent to interviews with detectives in the afternoon, the sheriff’s office said in a news release that called Dix the “AK-47 murder suspect.”

The suspect is Javian Nesby, 23, of Decatur, according to DeKalb police.

Police say he's charged with murder in the death of Jordan Morris, a 22-year-old Decatur man who was found dead April 12 with a bullet hole in his left cheek. Witnesses — and video — had seen him chased by a man with an AK-47 style rifle through the parking lot of Super Inn on Wesley Chapel Road.

Police have said Morris was targeted because of an “ongoing dispute,” but the nature of the motive hasn’t been released.

The arrest comes after Atlanta media published a photo of the suspect from the security footage, but authorities haven’t said how he was found.

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