Missing swimmer’s body found in Chattahoochee

The body of a missing swimmer was found Wednesday morning in the Chattahoochee River, officials said.

Timothy Shane Phillips was found in Carroll County about a mile down the Chattahoochee River from where he went underwater about 8 p.m. Saturday, Carroll County Fire Chief Scott Blue said.

A witness told authorities Phillips decided to swim across the river while at a birthday party at McIntosh Park.

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Phillips made it across, but when he tried to get back to the McIntosh side, he called out in distress.

“He began to shout for help and was seen struggling in the current,” Blue said. “A bystander said he then went under and was not seen again.”

Blue warned that part of the river is known for its strong currents.

“Even if you don’t see the current, there’s a lot of undercurrent,” he said.

The fire chief said people should remember the dangers of swimming in water with strong currents.

“The currents in this type of water are often stronger than you expect and can change very rapidly,” Blue said.

He also cautioned would-be swimmers of unseen hazards below the surface such as rocks and debris and to always be aware of your surroundings.

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