Milton warns of fireworks danger to horses

Milton has created a Fourth of July webpage that asks residents to be thoughtful of their neighbors – particularly those with horses and other animals – when setting of fireworks to celebrate Independence Day.

In Milton, a community with a big equestrian component, “horses are of special concern since they have a natural “flight” (vs. fight) reaction and may start running wildly if fireworks go off,” the city said. “When they do, horses can get hurt slamming into trees, going through or over fences, or having medical issues from extreme stress.”

Frightened horses also can pose a danger to property and humans. The city posted a video featuring Susan Kimball, Milton Equestrian Committee member, explaining why fireworks can be hazardous to horses:

The city advises that it allows loud fireworks only on July 3 and 4, Labor Day, New Year's Eve and the weekend around Memorial Day. The website offers information on rules and ordinances concerning fireworks, and advice for handling them safely. Information: