Milton park facilities to close for tree removals

Milton is losing two venerable residents: A pair of Post oaks in Broadwell Park that arborists say are in decline and need to be removed.

City officials say they’ve been closely monitoring the trees’ health since November 2014. The latest report by the city’s director of plant care and Boutte Tree Inc. finds the “overall risk rating is high” that the trees will fail — putting people, buildings and vehicles at risk.

Boutte made a close inspection of one oak and found extensive wood decay fungus in and around the trunk, and a tree canopy in decline and infested with insects. Also, the installation of underground utility lines cut into critical roots about six feet from the trunk.

The trees are scheduled to be removed Monday by Acorn Tree Care. Park facilities will be closed temporarily for safety reasons while the trees are taken down.

City officials say they hope to replace the lost trees with another oak. Urban Timber Rescue will evaluate the oaks in the park to determine whether some or all of the trees can be repurposed for use elsewhere in Milton.