Mayor Reed launches recycle incentive program

Mayor Kasim Reed has launched a new partnership with Recycling Perks, an incentivized recycling program, which allows Atlanta residents to earn rewards for using their recycling bins. Residents can sign up and start earning points on Sept. 8. These points can be redeemed at restaurants and shops throughout the city, saving residents up to $300 per year. “This program is an excellent new tool,” said Stephanie Benfield, director of the mayor’s Office of Sustainability. “It will help us reach Reed’s sustainability goals for Atlanta.”

“The more you recycle, the more you earn,” said Public Works Commissioner Richard Mendoza. “The Department of Public Works is proud to partner with Recycling Perks as we continue to provide excellent recycling service to the residents of the City of Atlanta.”

Reed launched Cartlanta, the city’s curbside recycling service, in his first term, and has recently signed on to several other initiatives to transform Atlanta into a more sustainable city, including the Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge, an effort to reduce water and energy consumption in commercial buildings by 20 percent by 2020.

“Sarah-Elizabeth and I signed up for Recycling Perks today,” said Mayor Reed. “I invite all Atlanta residents to join me in making recycling a part of our daily lives. We have a sacred responsibility to our children and future generations to keep our city clean, green and beautiful.”