Mayor Franklin to file complaints against officer

Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin said she would file complaints with local, state and federal authorities against a police officer who said he wanted to hit her "in the head with a baseball bat."

The mayor on Friday told WAGA she felt threatened by the public comments Atlanta Police Union head Sgt. Scott Kreher made Tuesday to City Council members.

"I think it's intended to intimidate me, my family and city officials," Franklin said. "I think it's very dangerous language and when someone says they want to take a bat and hit you in the head, from my experience, they want to kill you."

Kreher offered an apology Thursday morning.

"I certainly apologize to the mayor for the comment I made; it was directed at the anger myself and fellow officers are struggling with when we see her administration showing a total lack of responsiveness to these concerns," Kreher said.

Kreher said he has written a letter of apology to the mayor, but the mayor said she has not received any apology.