MARTA bus makes New York Times list of 2017’s best internet moments

The MARTA bus that blocked the Weather Channel’s broadcast of the Georgia Dome implosion just won what is essentially an Oscar for memes.

The New York Times rounded up a short list of videos and memes that were "flashes of light" bringing "genuine joy into the world" in 2017.

The MARTA bus made the cut, joining the ranks of memorable moments such as "BBC dad" and "Knife Kid." It beat out the likes of "Blinking Guy," "The Floor Is Lava" and "Salt Bae."

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To recap: A Weather Channel feed captured a MARTA bus rolling into frame and hitting the brakes at the same time of the Georgia Dome's implosion last month. The phenomenon was discussed by Stephen Colbert, shown on the Today Show and mocked by the Falcons and Hawks.

And of course, it was made into a Facebook frame so users could make the bus crash their profile pictures.

The portions of the Georgia Dome that remained standing after the building's implosion will be brought down next week.

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