Mark Arum: Gridlock guy

Well Mega Millions fever is over for now, but the massive jackpot is still resonating throughout our lives. Everywhere I went last week, that's all people wanted to talk about. How many tickets was I buying? What would I do with the money if I won? Would I quit my job if I won the huge prize?

Interestingly enough, a lot of people I talked to about the Mega Millions drawing said they wouldn't quit there jobs if they won. They'd keep on working. I thought that was pretty interesting.

Now, just because you'd keep on working after you won the monstrous prize, doesn't mean you have to commute to your job like the rest of us. If you're worth $500 million, you would have the luxury of not having to sit in traffic every morning and afternoon.

I did some research on alternative ways to commute to and from your job if you are among the much talked about one percent.

Say you live in Johns Creek and work downtown. That drive can often be quite a hassle, but someone with deep, deep pockets could avoid the drive all together and charter a helicopter.

I talked to Tom Wagner of Helicopters Incorporated. He said that someone could charter a chopper five days a week to get to and from work. He'd pick you up from your Johns Creek house in the morning, fly you downtown, drop you off and then return in the evening to take you back home. All in the comfort of a three-person Bell Jet Ranger helicopter. The cost? Roughly $350,000 per year. Quite steep, but remember, you wouldn't have to deal with any traffic at all and the views would be quite spectacular.

The only downside to the helicopter-to-work idea? The weather. When the weather is bad and the "ceiling" drops, sometimes a chopper wouldn't be able to make the trip. But, thankfully there are other luxurious options.

Say you live in Alpharetta and work in midtown Atlanta. We all know that the trip up and down Ga. 400 is quite nerve wracking. As a new Mega Millions Millionaire, you could leave the driving to someone else and take a taxi to and from work.

Pioneer Taxi Cab Company of Alpharetta quoted me a price of $60 each way to and from work. So, $120 a day. That works out to about $27,720 a year to take a taxi to and from work every year in for live in Alpharetta and work in midtown. A lot cheaper than the chopper, but also a lot longer commute.