Marietta TravelSafely app wins global award

The city of Marietta has won one of 50 international 2018 Mobility Awards from Smart Cities Connect for the Marietta TravelSafely app.

In partnership with Smart Cities Connect, Smart Cities Connect Foundation and US Ignite, Smart 50 Awards annually honor the 50 most innovative, influential projects in the world.

In Marietta, drivers, cyclists and pedestrians are the first in the United States to connect to each other with a smartphone app that:

  • provides information from traffic signals to improve traffic flow,
  • warns of approaching first responders to reduce their response time,
  • warns of vehicles approaching at an unsafe speed and
  • alerts the driver when entering a school zone, giving a warning if exceeding the school zone speed limit by 10 MPH.

Anyone driving, cycling or walking in Marietta can use the app which automatically works in the city’s 23 square-mile area.