Marietta students to get workforce training

An agreement with Nobis Works and Marietta City Schools was approved 7-0 Tuesday by the Marietta Board of Education to create a pre-vocational program at Marietta High School.

Special needs students will be taught to disassemble or refurbish obsolete electronics to develop work habits and gain work experience.

Formerly the Tommy Nobis Center, Nobis Works will partner with Marietta City Schools and the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency to create this new, collaborative pre-vocational program at Marietta High called T-VET which stands for Transitional Vocational Electronics Training.

For $99,500, GVRA will pay the start-up costs of this “Transition from School to Work” project.

Reworx, operated by Nobis Works since 2009, also will prepare Marietta High teachers in safe and secure electronics handling, refurbishment and end-of-life recycling.

T-VET is modeled after a program created by Blue Star Recyclers in Colorado called Vocational Electronics Recycling Network which operates in six locations.