Marietta Square roads icy, quiet after less snow than expected

Credit: Ben Brasch

Credit: Ben Brasch

Downtown Marietta was left icy and quiet Saturday morning after a winter storm rolled metro Atlanta.

The storm was expected to bring up to 4 inches of snow to the area but failed to do so. The only thing it left much of was hazardous road conditions, which state authorities continue to fix.

The quietness of Marietta Square's empty ice skating rink was cut by the intermittent gasps of people gliding on sidewalks.

Cars also sputtered and slid on the slick roads. Emergency agencies are still asking folks to stay off rodaways as crews ice and sand asphalt.

Some were happy to see patchy signs of cold weather in Marietta Square. Like 1-year-old Scarlett whose parents brought her downtown to see her first snow.

“We wanted to say that she saw her first snow,” said her mother, 21-year-old Kathryn Edgemon.

She and her husband hunkered down at their nearby home after he got off work early just after noon Friday.

Like many, they ran to the grocery store for supplies. They made chicken soup and chili to get them through the freezing rain, which started about 8 p.m. for them.

The couple brought their baby girl wrapped in a blanket with pink trim not only to see snow but meet up with friends for a cup of coffee.

They were disappointed upon finding that Cool Beans, a downtown Marietta coffee shop favorite, was closed.

“If Cool Beans is closed, then nothing will be open,” Edgemon said before they scuttled back home.