Make sure to check out these 7 must-reads in Sunday's AJC

1. Georgia gave millions in incentives to lure Ohio-based NCR. Was it a good deal for taxpayers? We asked experts to examine the move.

2. Roy Barnes was tossed out as governor in 2002, but this week announced plans for a comeback. Have voters forgiven him?

3. We attend a memorial reunion with an Atlanta area D-Day veteran who never forgot the Navy buddy who lost his life in the invasion.

4. Let us introduce you to a professional wrestler who's not as tough as he might seem. In fact, he's a big softie around needy kids.

5. Are you ready for next week's digital TV conversion? If not, we'll tell you what you need to know.

6. We'll explain how a human casualty of one of Atlanta's roughest neighborhoods ended up in a local dance troupe.

7. We've got a tale of two Tommys: one unexpectedly leaving the Braves (Glavine) and the other a long anticipated arrival (Hanson).

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