Magistrate: Drunken driver wrecked going over 100 mph, killing passenger

A Clayton County Magistrate Judge says a man accused of driving more than 100 mph and causing a crash that killed his friend shouldn't have been behind the wheel.

Tommie Robinson Jr., 21, faces vehicular homicide, reckless driving and driving on a suspended license charges.

Clayton County police said he had been drinking and drove 113 mph when his Jeep Grand Cherokee flipped and crashed on Interstate 75 near Old Dixie Highway in January.

Eddie Alexander, 20, was ejected and died.

A witness said he ran over and tried to help that night.

"I'm like, 'Are you OK? Are you OK? He's like, 'He's fine.' And I'm asking if anybody was with him and he said he had somebody else with him," witness Antonio Campbell said.

Campbell said Alexander's body was several feet away.

As Robinson made his first court appearance, Judge Richard Brown explained the charges he faces.

"That you operated a vehicle at speeds in excess of 90 mph," Brown said, reading from the criminal arrest warrant.

Robinson had missed a court date, "which was the reason your driver's license was suspended," Brown said.

Campbell said he was driving home from work the night of the crash.

"I just seen somebody flying past me," Campbell said.

He said the next thing he knew, the SUV tried to over-correct and crashed. That's when he tried to get the driver out.

"First thing I tried to do was try to rip the door open," he said.

Campbell said Robinson was still in the SUV with his seat belt on.

Police said Robinson told them he and Alexander had been at a party and Robinson had been drinking beer and an unknown quantity of Jagermeister, which is 70-proof liquor.

Robinson does not face any alcohol-related charges despite that admission.

Robinson's mother said she has medical records that prove her son wasn't drinking that night. She said this is just a tragic accident and charges shouldn't have been filed.

The judge denied bond for Robinson.