Looking to travel? There’s a new place in Cobb to apply for a passport

Cobb County residents now have a new place to get a passport.

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Cobb County residents now have a new place to get a passport.

If you want that awesome vacation and all the Facebook likes that come with it, you’re going to need a passport.

And if you either need to renew or get one for the first time, there’s now a new spot in Cobb County for you.

Cobb County Superior Court Clerk's Office announced last week that it has started accepting passport applications.

So from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. every Wednesday, you can head down to the county’s West Park Government Building at 736 Whitlock Ave., suite No. 300, in Marietta to apply.

Staff won’t be able to take your picture, so plan accordingly. No appointment is required.

Rebecca Keaton, clerk of the superior court, said her three-person team accepted 22 passports its first day last Wednesday.

Keaton said she campaigned on a new passport office to take some pressure off the others in the area; and there’s another reason.

“It’s a great revenue-generator for the county,” she said.

The county brings in $25 for every application, Keaton said. So that money is now going to Cobb as opposed to a federal system like when folks apply at a post office.

Keaton said she is starting with the one day a week and might expand to more days if the program is successful.

Look to the Feds for more details on applying to get a passport. And find other facilities close by using this online tool.

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State and federal law says it's legal for a court clerk to collect and keep a $25 fee even when they are being paid on county time.