A look back at Jeff Schultz' 'most important' story: His son's addiction, recovery

For the AJC's popular sports columnist Jeff Schultz, saving his son from addiction meant letting him go.
In June 2015, Schultz opened up about his son's journey in a candid and widely read installment of the award-winning "Personal Journeys" series. "Lost and Found," Schultz's first-person piece, was read or shared on social media thousands and thousands of times, garnering equally candid reaction from its audience.

"This is a beautifully written story with amazing photos," one reader wrote.

"Lost and Found" was recently named a finalist for the Atlanta Press Club's 2015 Awards of Excellence. You can read it in full here.

Reflecting on his own personal journey, Schultz wrote last year, "The most important story I've ever written wasn't about a college football game. It isn't about an athlete, a team, a trade, an injury, an ownership, a stadium issue, an Olympics or the NCAA. The most important story I've ever written was about addiction and recovery."

He continued, "Why are we telling this story? Because Josh and I believe if we can help just one addict, one parent or anybody who has been touched by addiction and mental illness, it will be worth it."

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