Kids unaware 'old people' played basketball after facing firefighters

This was a basketball challenge that Charlie Murphy and Prince could respect.

When a group of kids saw a basketball hoop nestled up against a firehouse in Alpharetta on Tuesday, their only thought was play.

The young boys didn’t expect to be challenged to a game by a group of firefighters from Station 85, but welcomed it. After a few shots, one of the boys said he was unaware that "old people" played basketball too, according to a Facebook post from the Alpharetta Department of Public Safety.

Pictures show the game was three-on-five. It’s unclear who won or lost, but it seems that everyone had a good time and the firefighters are looking forward to a rematch.

The Facebook caption from ADPS read: “The 85 crew, consisting of world renown and infamous Terminator Turner, Rainmaker Seabolt, and Shaq Robinson, educated our future generation that age can be a virtue and should not be taken lightly! Seriously, we are glad they stopped by and looking forward to the rematch.”