Junior who shot student with BB gun suspended pending hearing

A junior at Woodland High School in Henry County was out of school Thursday after allegedly shooting a senior with a BB gun, school officials said.

The senior was hit in the leg in what is believed to have been an accidental shooting, Henry County Schools spokesman John Hardin told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

While the state allows for up to a 10-day suspension while evidence is gathered for a student disciplinary hearing, Henry County Schools require that hearing take place in five days, he said.

The results of that hearing could potentially involve the expulsion of the accused junior. But if that were the case, the student would be permitted an opportunity to continue high school education at an alternative school, Hardin said.

He also said that if the disciplinary committee determines the student did not intentionally bring the gun to school, the punishment would be less severe. At this time, officials do not know if the junior intended to bring the gun to school, Hardin said.

“Something like this is a serious matter and the safety and security of our students is paramount,” Hardin said. “These things sometimes happen, but we do not condone this at all.”

Hardin said school officials are not permitted to disclose the results of a student disciplinary hearing.

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