Judges from Georgia (the country) visited court in Georgia (the state)

Credit: Cobb County Superior Court

Credit: Cobb County Superior Court

Judges from the Republic of Georgia, the country that used to be Russia and serves that cheesy bread named “khachapuri,” have been visiting the Cobb County Superior Court in Georgia, the state with all those peaches.

Four judges and a lead jury coordinator came from overseas to visit as part of a U.S. federal program.

According to the superior court: “The program was developed as an initiative to promote the transparency and independence of the Republic of Georgia judicial system, to assist the Georgia judiciary in court and jury trial management and to strengthen the rule of law in the Republic of Georgia.”

The country gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. Since then, according to Cobb superior courts, the country has modeled criminal justice system after the American system, but jury trials for more than cases of murder and public corruption are new to the republic.

Most of what they did in Cobb was observe jury trials, which three other judges did in May.

“The opportunity to play a part in this initiative is exciting and rewarding for both our courts, and we are proud to demonstrate our jury trial system, and how it works to uphold the rule of law,” said superior court administrator Tom Charron.

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