Judge says parents can't divide dead son's ashes

Father made the request
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Divorced couples seldom agree on much, especially their kids. Lili and William Wilson fall into that category but in a very unusual way.

23-year-old Scott Wilson was killed in a car wreck n 2010. Since then, his mother and father have been at odds over where his ashes would be interred.

Lili pushed for Scott’s final resting place to be Palm Beach, Florida, but William wants his son laid to rest in Georgia.

William suggested the two split the ashes but Lili refused, calling the notion “disgusting.”

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This week a court ruled Scott’s ashes aren’t the property of either parent and left someone else in command:

"The final resting place for this young man may be left to the discretion of an administrator who never knew him." (Source: The Palm Beach Post )

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