Jonesboro reminds residents of leaf pick-up guidelines

With the fall season upon us, the Jonesboro Public Works Department reminds residents not to pile leaves in the street. The shoudl be placed near the curb so the department can vacuum them up.

Also, there should be no metal in the garbage can.

Place metal to the side and it will be picked it up separately. This includes spray cans, hangers, and any other metal

objects. Metal can damage the garbage truck.

That the amount of tree limbs placed out at a time should be about the size of a washing machine. Individual limbs should have a diameter no larget than three inches. Public Works doesn’t pick up construction waste, cement pieces or rocks.

Leaf and limb pick-up is included in sanitation fees. Only subscribers to city sanitation will receive leaf and limb pick-up. All leaves and small limbs must be bagged (plastic or paper) or organized neatly off the roadway.

Larger amounts of limbs can be picked up for an additional charge.

There is no regularly scheduled day for pick-up of leaf and limbs, but usually it will occur on Monday, Tuesday or Friday.