IRS bars Fulton man from preparing tax returns for others

A Fulton County man has been permanently barred from preparing federal tax returns after being investigated for knowingly preparing false returns for others.

According to court documents, the United States Justice Department filed a complaint against Derrick Jackson and his businesses, Tax Wisdom and International Tax and Accounting Services, in May. After Jackson failed to answer the complaint, the court filed their injunction Tuesday.

Court documents show that Jackson has been a paid federal tax return preparer since at least 2002, preparing at least 513 returns over a four-year period. He is accused of preparing and signing at least 76 federal income tax returns under the alias Glenn Dent and using a false employer identification number when filing returns with the IRS, all in an effort to disguise his true identity from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Jackson allegedly misapplied internal revenue codes to prepare the fraudulent returns for his customers, which also included filing phony W-2 forms and claiming false deductions and credits on customers' tax returns, including fraudulent fuel tax credits and false earned income tax credits.

As part of the injunction, Jackson must contact by mail all persons for whom he prepared a federal tax return since January 1, 2002, enclosing a copy of the permanent injunction against him. As well as providing the Justice Department with a complete contact list for all of his customers.

He has 30 days to comply.