Indictment: Man kills Alzheimer's patient, buys booze with her card

12:03 p.m Thursday, Nov. 9, 2017 DeKalb County
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Helen Davis

A man was indicted this week on accusations of killing a 70-year-old DeKalb County Alzheimer’s patient whom he’d given a ride to visit her husband in a nursing home.

Mark Ramos, 55, is charged with malice murder and theft counts for allegedly stabbing Helen Davis and taking her Jeep, as well as using her bank card to buy alcohol. Davis died sometime in late July or early August and had been tied up with electrical tape, wrapped in a rug and nearly decapitated when she was found.

Police have said Ramos had recently taken her to Augusta to see her husband. The relationship between Ramos and Davis isn’t clear.

DeKalb jail
Mark Ramos

While searching the home off Panthersville Road, officers found a Kindle with the name “Mark’ on it. The initial police report, which indicated that the woman’s Alzheimer’s was “slight,” also said the home was ransacked and a hammer lay on the floor near the front door.

Police said they found Ramos driving Davis’ 2009 black Jeep Liberty to pawn her flat screen television.

Ramos has been in jail without bond since August.

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The H.R. Director has been charged that she improperly leaked information.