Increased coyote sightings reported in Gwinnett

Dacula residents have reported an increase in coyote sightings, according to Channel 2 Action News.

It isn’t unusual for more coyotes to be around this time of year, said Charlie Kilmaster, a Department of Natural Resources. It’s “denning season” for the canines, meaning they are mating, birthing pups and settling down while they care for their young.

Coyotes that settle near residential areas could also become more comfortable with people, making them more likely to roam in neighborhoods, Kilmaster said.

“When they acclimate to people they become a little more brazen,” Kilmaster said. “They start walking out in the daylight.”

Coyotes are also drawn to residential neighborhoods by open trash cans, Channel 2 reported. The best way to prevent coyotes from coming to your property is to tightly secure trash can and industrial trash can lids so the animals can’t reach the garbage.

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