Hey, Cobb: Other folks need those solar eclipse glasses, so recycle


Hey, Cobb: Other folks need those solar eclipse glasses, so recycle

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It’s silly now to think how hard you may have looked for solar eclipse glasses considering you probably haven’t thought about them once they left your face on Aug. 21.

You likely threw them somewhere after those 2½ minutes, but hopefully not in the trash. As it turns out other people need the glasses for future solar eclipses.

Keep Cobb Beautiful has partnered with the space education group Astronomers Without Borders to collect and recycle solar eclipse glasses, said Kimberly White with KCB and Cobb’s parks department.

Scientists have warned that, without the glasses, looking at a solar eclipse can burn a crescent shape into the back of your eye.

“The repurposed glasses will be processed and sent to other countries that will be experiencing a solar eclipse in the coming years,” the Cobb group wrote in its announcement.

Collection boxes are available at all county libraries along with KCB’s office in the Cobb parks building, 1792 County Services Parkway in Marietta.

“We will continue to collect them until we fill our boxes,” White said.

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Weeks of warning ahead of the event appeared to pay off.
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