Gwinnett police now giving tickets for hands-free law violations

The grace period is over. If you use your phone while driving, Gwinnett County police officers will now give you a ticket.

Georgia's new hands-free law went into effect July 1, prohibiting any use of a cell phone by motorists. Many metro Atlanta police departments, including the Gwinnett County Police Department, chose to give warnings to most violators in the first month while people learned about the law and adjusted to the new restrictions.

Beginning Aug. 1, Gwinnett County officers don’t have to give you a warning, and will probably give you a ticket.

The first violation comes with a $50 ticket and one point on your license. The penalty for a second violation is a $100 fine and two points on your license, and the third violation carries a $150 fine and additional points on your license.

The law does not just apply to texting or talking on the phone. You can’t go through your Spotify playlist, browse Twitter, play Candy Crush or take a selfie on Snapchat unless you’re lawfully parked. The law bans the phone from touching any part of the driver’s body, even when stopped at a stop sign or red light. You are allowed to adjust a GPS app or device while driving.

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