Gwinnett Indian restaurant fails inspection after meat storage issues

Kerala Kitchen in Lawrenceville failed its health inspection Wednesday, scoring a 34/U.

The restaurant had multiple problems relating to food storage, according to the report. Unwashed vegetables were stored under ready-to-eat foods. Raw chicken was stored over raw beef, and that raw beef was stored over raw fish.

Other issues included dented cans — all packaged food is required to be stored in “good condition” — and frozen mackerel that didn’t have a receipt.

All of the “critical violations” were corrected while the inspector was at the restaurant. A manager said Friday they are doing “everything correctly” to ensure safe and clean operations.

The restaurant’s two previous inspections scored a 96/A and an 87/B.

Kerala Kitchen

1215 Scenic Hwy Suite B4

Lawrenceville, GA 30045

Score: 34/U

Read the full report here.