Gucci Mane still in jail

Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane will not, despite published reports, be transferred to a Georgia prison upon his release from the Fulton County Jail, officials said Thursday.

The Georgia Department of Corrections told the AJC Thursday that they have canceled their hold on Mane, whose real name is Radric Davis.

There's no scheduled date of release at this time, Fulton jail spokeswoman Tracy Flanagan said.

Davis' fans thought he might be released Tuesday after his official Twitter account sent a message saying "My Welcome Home Party 2nite at Club Onyx." The party was for a mixtape release that Davis did not attend.

Davis, 31, most recently ran afoul of the law Jan. 28, when, according to a DeKalb police report, he pushed a woman from his moving vehicle and was charged with misdemeanor battery.

DeKalb Fugitive Squad members arrested him for violation of probation while he was visiting his probation officer.

He was transferred to the Fulton lockup April 20 and faces nine charges, including two felonies -- aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and aggravated assault. Those charges stem from a 2005 incident in which he pleaded guilty to assault. He was released early and placed on probation, but failed to fulfill court-ordered community service or stay out of trouble.

A Fulton Superior Court judge ordered Davis to a psychiatric hospital in early January.

Within the month,  police say Davis pushed the 36-year-old woman from his vehicle as he drove down Brannen Road in DeKalb. He allegedly picked up the woman, a hair stylist, as she was standing outside the South DeKalb Mall, according to a police incident report. He asked her to eat breakfast with him, and she agreed, but once under way, he told her he wanted to take her to a hotel rather than a restaurant, the report says.

He offered the woman $150, but she declined and demanded to be returned to the mall. That's when he shoved her out of his Hummer, the report says. Police said she suffered minor injuries.

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