Governor signs bill to outlaw synthetic marijuana

Published May 24, 2010

Gov. Sonny Perdue today announced that he has signed a bill to outlaw K2, also known as synthetic marijuana.

The substance sold at some local smoke shops became a subject of concern in March after two teens were hospitalized at North Fulton Medical Center with ill effects from smoking it. K2, also known as "spice," mimics the effects of THC, the chemical in marijuana.

Nearly a dozen states and some cities are banning or debating bans on K2 out of fear that its popularity may be on the rise among young people, according to USA Today.

HB 1309 in Georgia was sponsored by Rep. Jay Neal (R-Lafayette) and Sen. Ed Harbison (D-Columbus).

“K2 is a potent drug that can be difficult to detect,” said Perdue. “Adding it to our state’s banned substances list will protect Georgians’ safety and health.”