Goat gives birth to twins during Gwinnett yoga class

Credit: Megan Kibby

Credit: Megan Kibby

Tassi the goat was restless during a Sunday afternoon goat yoga class in Suwanee.

The pregnant goat was walking in circles and pawing at the ground, a sign she was close to going into labor, Red Wagon Goats co-owner Megan Kibby said. By the end of the class, it was clear Tassi was going to have her babies. Kibby asked fellow co-owner Jason Lewis to bring Tassi into the goat trailer, but as soon as he picked Tassi up, she started to push.

“She’s having the baby right here,” Lewis told Kibby.

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They moved Tassi under a tent, where she “really started pushing.” Yoga class participants stuck around to watch, and soon Tassi gave birth to a female kid.

Kibby thought Tassi would only have one kid because she is still young — not yet two years old. Then, lightning flashed.

“Then, we saw another face pop out,” Kibby said. It was a little male goat they named Storm. The girl was named Sue-Anna, after the city of Suwanee.

It was the second birth of the weekend for the Decatur-based goat rental company. On Saturday, goat Emma Lou gave birth to twins on Kibby’s yoga mat.

“When one goat goes, they all go,” Kibby said. “It’s just sort of the hormones in the air. A lot of the time it’s around a full moon, but this time it wasn’t.”

Storm and Sue-Anna, the goats born at Sunday’s class, will soon be ready to get back on the mat. Kibby and Lewis like to start newborn goats in yoga classes right away so they can get used to the environment and become comfortable with people. Baby goats typically like to crawl on top of people’s backs or plop in their laps, Kibby said.

Red Wagon Goats now has 35 goats, counting the four babies born this weekend. In addition to yoga classes, the goats are rented out to clear weeds. Kibby and Lewis initially got a few goats as pets to help keep their own backyard tidy, and turned it into a business after friends repeatedly asked to borrow the goats for their own yards. A year after launching, the Decatur-based company now has a wait list of 150 people.

Find more information about Red Wagon Goats on their website.

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