Georgia Trust kicks off West Atlanta preservation initiative

The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation recently demonstrated that it is feasible to rehabilitate and revitalize neighborhoods affordably and sustainably without displacing longtime residents.

The organization kickoffed off the rehabilitation of two historic properties near the Atlanta BeltLine Westside Trail. They invited the public to learn about its partnership with the Atlanta Land Trust and how they are working together to make these houses affordable.

Attendees toured one of the houses, heard about its history and learned about the sustainable rehabilitation that these houses will undergo.

In March 2018, the Georgia Trust acquired three Beltline properties in West Atlanta to rehabilitate and sell as affordable housing.

Two of the properties are houses that the Trust will rehabilitate; the third property is an undeveloped lot, which will provide opportunity for compatible new construction.

After construction is completed, the two houses will be sold to low-to-moderate income families and placed in the Atlanta Land Trust to ensure permanent affordability. Preservation easements will be placed on the homes to protect them from demolition or insensitive alterations in perpetuity.