N. Fulton woman shot in head by pellet gun while leaving Bible study

A woman in Sandy Springs was leaving a Bible study last week when she was shot in the head by a pellet gun.

The woman, Magda Tacuba-Mayo, 44, spoke with Channel 2 Action News with a bandage over her right eyebrow. Sandy Springs police said they believe it came from an airsoft gun fired by teenagers.

“I got scared when I realized I was bleeding,” she said to Channel 2 through a Spanish-language translator.

Tacuba-Mayo told police she was walking in a parking lot near Northwood Drive with her friends after the study on April 22 when she heard gunshots. She then felt pressure on her head and saw blood coming down her face.

According to a police report, witnesses said they saw several kids in the area running and ducking behind cars as shots rang out. One child told the responding officer that the shot did come from a pellet gun.

Witnesses told police they saw two teenage boys running down Kingsport Drive and one of them had a black and white airsoft pellet gun. Police said the boy with the gun was wearing an Adidas hat, a green shirt and jeans.

Police said Tacuba-Mayo was given medical treatment but refused a ride to the hospital. Police added that the shooting was not intentional and the victim was not targeted. Police are still searching for the suspects.

“She was sort of just in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Sam Worsham, a Sandy Springs police sergeant, told Channel 2. “(Pellet guns) are a toy, but they are dangerous. They launch at several hundred feet per second.

Worsham said the teenagers could face charges ranging from reckless conduct to battery.

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