Fulton County fights food deserts with libraries, rocks

The Fulton County Board of Commissioners recently voted to extend the geological agriculture food desert program with a $100,000 budget to continue the GeoAg program in Fulton County in 2019, according to a press release.

The 2019 GeoAg program takes the best practices of the 2018 GeoAg pilot and expands the program to tour 10-libraries from June until October on Saturdays and to teach advanced GeoAg topics at Oak Hill Child, Adolescent and Family Center on Mondays. Fulton County residents can also expect to see GeoAg pop up displays and information tables at various events throughout the county through the end of 2019.

“We are excited that the Board of Commissioners voted to continue the program in 2019 and bring more valuable programming to the patrons of the Library System,” commented Library System Executive Director, Dr. Gabriel Morley. The Library System piloted the GeoAg Sustainability Workshops in 2018 at Wolf Creek and Metropolitan libraries. “We are happy that in 2019, we are able to take GeoAg across 10-libraries, enabling a larger community to experience and learn geological agriculture techniques and share new sustainability practices.”

“The results of the GeoAg 2018 pilot program are positive and encouraging,” comments Commissioner Marvin Arrington, Jr who helped spearhead the pilot for his District in 2018. “We have trained about 400 Fulton County residents so far with another 600 residents and institutions signing up, requesting that GeoAg workshops come to where they live. With this type of community response, this year we’re asking for area institutions to match or co-match what the County is allocating to help the County in addressing issues related to food deserts and food insecurity.” Commissioner Arrington continues, “The needs of the people are great and the County can only do so much. A match or co-match of what the County has stepped up to try can help us host GeoAg workshop all over the metropolitan area, teaching our communities new ways to sustain themselves.”

Information: fultoncountyga.gov