Flashback photos: Historic downtown Lawrenceville

Everyone loves old photos, and there are plenty of those below. But first -- some fun facts.

Lawrenceville, Gwinnett's county seat, was established in 1820 and named for Capt. James Lawrence, the War of 1812 naval commander best known for his dying plea: "Don't give up the ship!" Lawrence is not believed to have any direct connection to the Gwinnett area, nor do the namesakes of the four streets surrounding the downtown Lawrenceville square --  Perry Street is named for Commodore Matthew Perry (another War of 1812 hero), Pike Street is named for Zebulon Pike (the explorer and namesake of Pike's Peak), and Crogan Street is named for George Croghan (yet another War of 1812 soldier).

The fourth street on the square, Clayton, is named for Congressman Augustin Clayton, a Virginia native who attended the University of Georgia and served in the state and federal legislatures in the 1810s, '20s and '30s. His granddaughter would later marry Henry W. Grady.

But that's enough of a history lesson -- class dismissed. Enjoy the photos, courtesy of the Gwinnett Historical Society.

These undated photos show locals enjoying the pool at Lawrenceville's Memorial Park.

This undated postcard shows shops along Perry Street in downtown Lawrenceville.

This undated postcard shows downtown Lawrenceville's "Hotel Pharr."

This undated postcard shows a Lawrenceville high school.

This undated postcard shows the future home of Genesco, or the General Shoe Company.

This photo dated 1962 looks east down Crogan Street in downtown Lawrenceville.

This postcard dated 1914 shows what's now known as the Gwinnett Historic Courthouse in the heart of downtown Lawrenceville.

This undated photo shows First Methodist Church of Lawrenceville.

Another undated photo shows Lawrenceville from the air.

This postcard dated 1913 urges folks to hit the road for Lawrenceville.

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