Fire hydrant maintenance may cause ‘rusty’ water, N. Fulton city says

If you’re a Milton resident and you see orange or rusty water coming out of your faucets, don’t be alarmed.

On Thursday, the city began its annual maintenance of all fire hydrants in the city.

City crews begin flushing all the fire hydrants every spring and continue it on a weekly basis until all hydrants have been flushed.

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This may cause that discoloration in your water. The city says that if any resident experiences that then they should run cold water for several minutes to clear the lines. The water is still safe to use and drink, the city said.

Milton also recommends flushing toilets twice if the water appears rusty.

This annual maintenance is done to remove minerals and sediment that accumulate in the water lines over the course of the year, the city says. This preventative maintenance also allows Milton to check and record water pressure to ensure the water system is functioning properly.

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